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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Product Review - EZ Carry Floppy Seat Shopping Cart Seat Cover

One of my relatives was kind enough to buy this EZ Carry Floppy Shopping Cart Seat Cover off our registry in blue, and we began using it once Alex was capable of sitting up without support (at about 6 months). I'm actually quite sure it's completely unnecessary, and just a hassle I put myself and Marc through, but I like the peace of mind that comes from knowing Alex can't mouth the cart while we're shopping.

The Floppy is plush, with quite a bit of padding. When unfolded, it does take up a decent amount of space. But it's very easy to shove it back into its built-in pocket, which reduces it to the size of a medium handbag. It has handles so you can carry it on the same side that you're holding your baby. It's machine washable, and dries quickly in the dryer.

There are places to attach toys on the inside, which is nice. Alex usually likes the hustle and bustle of a store and likes to grab things off shelves, so he doesn't need many toys - a chain of plastic links that he can chew on is usually enough. There's also a pocket on the inside where you can stash a small toy or two.

As I said before, the EZ Carry Floppy Shopping Cart Seat Cover is definitely not a must, but if you want the peace of mind of a protective cover, I highly recommend it.

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  • At 11/22/05, 8:28 AM, Anonymous Ed Bacchus said…

    We used one of these when my son was 2 and loved it. Just visit a Wal-Mart on a Saturday afternoon and see how sticky the shopping carts are.....I have noticed that some stores are providing wet wipes at the front door for you to clean your cart before you use it...Shouldn't that be something they should be doing already? Restaurants don't ask you to clean your table before you sit down.

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