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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Product Review: Fisher-Price Sound 'N Lights Monitor

Before Alex was born, my research into baby products made me concerned that any baby monitor we bought, particularly a less expensive model, wouldn't work in our house due to interference from our neighbors' homes. But I took the advice in Baby Bargains and started with a relatively cheap monitor, figuring that if necessary, we could always exchange it for the more expensive Philips monitor with multiple channels.

It turns out that we've been very happy with the Fisher-Price Sound 'N Lights monitor. Even with only two channels, it worked quite well with both Alex and Tyler. I liked that the receivers operate on both batteries and adapters, so I could plug it most of the time but let it run on batteries if I wanted to carry it with me around the house. The visual cues on the receiver are helpful if you're doing something that might prevent you from realizing that baby is crying. For example, with Alex, I used to get on the treadmill and leave the receiver where I could see it. I wouldn't be able to hear Alex cry while I was running, but I could see the red lights flare up. The transmitter and receivers are pretty hardy and have survived quite a few falls in our house (though we do have carpet) and the flexible antennas have really held up.

My biggest complaint is the horrible high-pitched sound the receivers make if they're on when the transmitter is turned off. That might happen with every other monitor, but I don't know since this is the only one we've had. My other major complaint is that the cord on the transmitter is quite short. I realize that this is for safety reasons, but it makes it difficult to plug it in to a low outlet and then rest the monitor on a higher surface. Since the cord was so short, we had to put the transmitter on the edge of the bookcase in Alex's room, and I kept knocking it off - but maybe they've lengthened the cord a bit since the version depicted in the picture looks different from ours, which was purchased in 2005.

Overall, I give this monitor a big thumbs up. It works well and is very affordable.

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