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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Graco Quattro vs. Graco Metrolite

I think I've failed to mention here that I regret buying my Graco Quattro stroller, primarily because it's so darn heavy. I can live with its other faults, like the short canopy and even the space it takes up in the trunk, but the weight is what makes me not want to use it. I bought the stroller on an impulse, when Alex had outgrown his infant car seat and the Snap-n-Go, and for some reason I can no longer recall, the Combi Savvy we already had didn't fit the bill. After the first couple times that I used the Quattro, though, I wished that I had properly researched it before going out to buy it.

You'd think that I would have learned from that experience. But no, when I was pregnant with Tyler, I decided without any research that a Graco Metrolite would fit my needs just fine. After all, it would be like having a lighter Quattro. (I didn't consider other stroller brands because I was buying the Graco SafeSeat and wanted to ensure that the infant carseat was compatible with the stroller.) So I didn't realize until the first time we used the Metrolite with Alex that it has a five point harness with an awkward buckle; this isn't an issue at the moment because Alex hardly ever rides in the stroller and Tyler is still in his carseat. But when Tyler is older, I'm going to kick myself every time I have to buckle him into the Metrolite. The buckle is my biggest complaint. More minor faults are the lack of a storage compartment (the Quattro has two small ones built into the handle bar), the way the seat back bar can get stuck under the storage basket, and the fact that I have to lock the front wheels before I can fold the stroller. On the plus side, the Metrolite has a longer canopy than the Quattro. Additionally, unlike the Quattro, the basket releases when the seat is in full recline position so I can actually use it even when the carseat is in position.

It's possible that my complaints about the Quattro have been resolved since I bought it a year and a half ago (I have a friend who also hates her Quattro because of its weight, so I know I'm not the only one). It's also possible that after researching all of my options, I would have settled on the Metrolite anyway. But I'll never know!

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