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Monday, June 11, 2007

Fun and/or Romantic Tips

You can use these tips with your kids to have fun or with your honey to have fun plus romance. ;)
  • Tie a small gift to one end of a ribbon or string and tie the other end to the bottom of the garage door. When your loved one comes home, the gift will go up with the garage door and they get to have a few moments of gleeful anticipation.
  • Write a message with an anti-fog cleaner like Rain-X on the bathroom mirror or shower doors. When your loved one takes a shower, the mirror or doors will fog up, except for the part where you wrote your message, making it appear.
  • Cut out small hearts, write an appropriate message for your loved one on each one, and hide the hearts to be found at unexpected moments. For example, I've hidden these in shoes and jacket pockets.
  • In the same vein, put a note in your loved one's lunch bag for work or school. The note can simply say "I love you," or have a joke that can be shared with others at the lunch table.

Via and The Dollar Stretcher.



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