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Friday, September 07, 2007

A Great Way to Save Money: Ask Customer Service

My most recent bill from AT&T for phone and DSL service came with an ad on the outer envelope for DSL at $14.99 per month. Since I'm paying $19.99 right now, I called and asked if I could get the promotional rate by committing to a one-year contract. The customer service rep checked our account and said that we could get that rate but it would be for a slower speed DSL. I wasn't willing to commit to that without talking to Marc first, so I asked if she could offer me a deal on our current service. She said that a one-year contract would lock in our current rate and our fourth month would be free. Done.

The CSR then asked if she could review the rest of my bill and I agreed. I wasn't in a huge rush and I like to do this periodically to see if new deals have come out that might save me money. The CSR suggested switching to a new All-Distance plan that would save us 75 cents per month and switch up the included services a little bit, but not in a way that really mattered to us. The catch was that the switch would cost $7.50, so it would take 10 months before we actually started saving money. Before agreeing to the switch, I asked if she could waive the fee. She said yes.

About ten minutes later, I hung up the phone with a new one-year DSL contract that will save us $20 and a new phone plan that will save us 75 cents per month and give us Wirepro, a $5 per month value which will come in handy should the inside wiring ever need repair. All for no extra cost!



  • At 9/11/07, 10:36 PM, Blogger ks said…

    Have to wonder what the difference in browsing experience is between Basic ($14.99), Express($19.99), Pro($24.99), and Elite($34.99)? - it is kind of hard to decide what to take before knowing first-hand. One option might be to try each plan for a month (without a contract) and see the difference...


  • At 9/12/07, 5:16 AM, Blogger Chief Family Officer said…

    According to the CSR I spoke to, Basic is 3x slower than Express, and Pro is equivalent to cable/broadband. I like your idea of trying each for a month :)


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