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Monday, September 17, 2007

Review: Kozy Carrier Mei Tai (& Special Offer!)

As I've mentioned previously, I'm very happy with my BabyHawk and Mei Tai Baby mei tais, but I was very happy to acquire a third mei tai from Kozy Carrier. Even before I got my Kozy, I knew that I would love it because everyone who has one is crazy about theirs. One of the things I like best is that the larger panel and sturdy materials allow a Kozy to be used for longer than a BabyHawk or Mei Tai Baby - in fact, unlike the others, the Kozy doesn't have a weight limit.

I have to admit the larger panel size threw me for a loop at first. The first time I put Tyler on my back, he was so far down, he couldn't see over the top of the fabric! But I rolled the bottom a couple of times to make the panel smaller and that's helped a lot.

The Kozy's wide straps also took some getting used to, and are a little awkward to tie compared to the other mei tais, but the advantage is that they don't slip as much, especially when I bend down while wearing Tyler in the front. There's also a nifty little pouch sewn into one of the ends, which I didn't even realize until I read the online FAQ. I did have some trouble flattening one of the shoulder straps after I washed the Kozy, since the sewing was a little bit off. This also prevents the straps from rolling up completely flat (to tote my mei tais around, I fold the body into quarters, then gather all of the straps at one corner and wrap them around the folded fabric). Like my other mei tais, the Kozy comes with some padding at the shoulder for comfort.

I really like the built-in headrest for the extra support and privacy that it gives Tyler. My Kozy is the widest of my mei tais at the bottom, so I'm not sure how comfortable Tyler would have been when he was smaller - though Tyler is at the smaller end of the spectrum for his age, so this may not be a problem for most babies, especially if, unlike Tyler, they don't mind having their legs "froggied" when they're little. The Kozy fabric seems to be the thickest of all three mei tais, but it is not the warmest one I have (that would be the BabyHawk, since it has the minkee lining). The Kozy is made of a very strong canvas that should last for years, and hopefully will get a lot of use even after Tyler starts walking.

I love each of my mei tais for different reasons, and I encourage you to try at least one because they are a fantastic way to wear your baby. In fact, to promote babywearing, I'm excited to announce that Kelley and Kristi over at Kozy Carrier have agreed to give CFO readers a 10% discount. Just put the code CHIEF FAMILY OFFICER into the "Notes" field when you place your order, and you will receive a 10% credit when your order is processed. The discount excludes tax and shipping, and the code expires 30 days from today (on October 17, 2007).

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  • At 9/17/07, 10:19 AM, Anonymous Andrew said…

    Awww. That's the one thing I really miss about our kids not being infants anymore. We really just used the Baby Bjorns, and I loved walking around the mall with one of the little guy's just hanging on my chest kicking his feet in excitement.

    We actually tried one of the standard baby slings but just couldn't get the hang of how to work it. These mei tais (which make me think of alcohol for some reason...) look super comfortable and definitely a lot more stylish. Maybe if we end up going for baby #3 we'll give one of these a shot...

  • At 9/17/07, 9:09 PM, Blogger Chief Family Officer said…

    Andrew, these are soooo much more comfortable than a Baby Bjorn! (At least for me; the Bjorn always hurt my back.) And these look great on dads, too!


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