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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Four Recalls Today (all for lead) Plus a Graco Safety Notice

There are four recalls today - click through to the CPSC press release for more information if these look familiar:There's also been a "recall safety notice" from Graco for ComfortSport car seats manufactured between January 2, 2007, and July 31, 2007. The problem only occurs when the car seat is installed rear-facing using the LATCH system and can be corrected by the owner - check Graco's web site for instructions. Via Thrifty Mommy.



  • At 11/1/07, 1:40 PM, Anonymous Andrew said…

    Y'know, Cathy, at this rate, you may want to create yet another blog. That one dedicated to just these insane amount of recalls. Which sadly, has noooo sign of slowing down. Ugh.

    Thanks for continually posting these!

  • At 11/1/07, 8:19 PM, Blogger Chief Family Officer said…

    @Andrew - Ha! I believe there are sites dedicated to product recalls, but I post these so people don't have to go anywhere else. At the same time, though, no one should be relying on me to post these! Seriously, you should sign up for email recall notices at the CPSC site. In fact, I'm going to start adding that info to these posts!


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