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Monday, November 26, 2007

Review: Whomi What To Do Pad & Clarity Agenda - Plus a Giveaway!

The folks at Whomi sent me a couple of products to try out, and I'm happy to report that I really like them. The first item is the tri-sectioned What to Do Pad, with separate pads for "Buy," "Do," and "Contact." I keep this on my desk and jot down notes as things come up. The thick paper tears off easily at the perforation, a feature I appreciate since I'm frequently doing it one-handed while holding Tyler with my other hand.

The second item that I received is the 2008 color-coded Clarity Agenda. It flips open the long way, and the top page displays a normal weekly calendar, while the bottom page has color-coded rows. I had a little bit of difficulty testing this item since it is, after all, intended for 2008. I also wasn't quite sure what to make of the color-coded rows - I know these are supposed to be great for busy moms who have to keep track of family members' schedules, but my kids are young enough that they don't have their own schedules yet. What I realized, though, is that the rows are great for reminders and notes.

Thanks to a scrapbooking friend, I got the idea of jotting down the kids' milestones and noteworthy stories in a calendar for transference to a scrapbook later, when I had more time. I haven't really gotten around to scrapbooking, and I've been lax about note-taking too, but the Clarity Agenda will make that easier next year. I'll use one row for Alex and another for Tyler, and when something note-worthy happens - whether it's Alex counting to 20 all by himself or Tyler speaking his first two-word combination - I'll write it down.

The third color-coded row will be great for things like birthday gift ideas. Earlier this year, I started writing down web sites and other ideas to remember for special days. For example, that's how I remembered Norman Love Confections for a friend's birthday a couple of months ago.

I love the look of both these products - they are clean, modern and compact. They also have a nice, hefty feel that implies quality. Of course, at $15 for the What to Do Pad and $30 for the original-sized Clarity Agenda, these products aren't inexpensive. But they make great gifts. Ask for them for the holidays, and buy some to give away.

Speaking of giving away, Whomi has generously agreed to send a Clarity Agenda to 3 lucky CFO readers. To enter, visit the Whomi web site and tell me in the comments what your favorite Whomi product is. Be sure to provide a way for me to contact you in case you win. The contest ends at 11:59 p.m. PST on Monday, December 3.

Update: I'll use a random generator to select the three winners. (You probably figured that, but I just wanted to put it out there.)

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