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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Workout Tip: Change your clothes when you get home

It's been nearly three months since I decided I had to make some drastic changes to improve my health and appearance. I'm disappointed to report that there isn't much outward change. But,
I'm working out almost every day and I'm eating better. Baby steps, right?

One thing I do to make exercise easier is change right into my workout clothes when I get home from work. I make dinner, do the dishes, bathe the kids, and do book time and bedtime, all in my workout clothes. As soon as the kids are in bed, I can jump on the treadmill or turn on a yoga DVD without having to think.

So that's my Works For Me Wednesday tip: Change into your workout clothes when you get home so there's nothing to slow you down when it's time.

For more tips, head over to Rocks In My Dryer.



  • At 6/18/08, 12:13 AM, Blogger sHaWna in Costa Rica baby! said…

    What a great tip! By the time I get my kids ready for bed, I'm too tired to get them on. Doing it before would get rid of that excuse!
    Keep it up!!!

  • At 6/18/08, 4:30 AM, Blogger Suzanne said…

    Ooh, I do this,too! I like that I then have no reason not to exercise--I'm already dressed.

  • At 6/18/08, 6:01 AM, Blogger Mrs. Bargain Hunting Wife said…


    I have 15 minutes to work out between getting out of work and picking hubby up, so I do something intense at the gym and then like you, I stay in my workout clothes until dinner/dishes/etc and then get out and run!

  • At 6/18/08, 10:15 AM, Blogger CC said…

    This totally works! And I do the opposite too. I put on my workout clothes the instant I get up. That way I am much less likely to wimp out and not do it!

  • At 6/18/08, 12:08 PM, Blogger learning the ropes said…

    I can see the value in getting into workout clothes right after getting home. You save the hassle and are mentally prepared for a workout. I think I'll try the same today evening.
    And yeah! ditto on the no change in outward appearance woes. I have been working out regularly for about 6 months now. Not much change in weight although I feel good and have better health overall.

  • At 6/18/08, 12:13 PM, Anonymous workout mommy said…

    this is a great one! (and putting them on first thing in the morning)

  • At 6/18/08, 12:32 PM, Anonymous Emily @ Taking Charge said…

    I also do this -- it is a GREAT idea. Whenever I decide to work out but feel I'm going to try to back out of it, I throw those clothes on. Sometimes I'll even just put on my gym shoes as a way to encourage myself - it's a pain to take them and the socks back off. Only once that I can remember did I back out and take the clothes off and not work out, but I think it's because some last-minute plans popped up. But I usually never have the heart to take them off -- I'd feel too guilty. And then of course after working out, I feel like a million bucks. So worth it.

  • At 6/18/08, 7:03 PM, Blogger Tara said…

    Great idea! I do this as well.. soon as my husband gets home from work.. I start mentally preparing myself for workout later lol Usually doesn't happen until late..but at least then I am already .. ready..!

  • At 6/19/08, 10:30 PM, Anonymous virgel said…

    It is a rather useful tip! Making changes is healthy. Think about your new image changing your hair style and clothes. Your relatives and friends will appreciate it.


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