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Friday, July 25, 2008

Drugstore Game Tip #1: Set up a reminder for rebates

I'm starting a new series with tips on playing The Drugstore Game. Here's the first tip.

Rite Aid and Walgreens only allow you to request their monthly rebates once. That means that you have to wait until you've made all of your monthly rebate purchases before you submit them. You can enter your receipts online as you make your purchases, and then request your check once you're done with your shopping.

Walgreens will automatically submit your request if you haven't done it by the deadline. I don't know if Rite Aid will do the same, because I never wait that long. The deadline is usually a whole month after the shopping period ends, and I don't want to wait a whole extra month for my checkg. Instead, I set up a reminder to submit my request at the end of the shopping period.

I use Google Calendar to send myself email reminders, but you can use any system or program that works for you. And of course, this system works for all rebates. You can even send yourself notifications to act if you haven't received a check by a certain date. Now you'll never miss a rebate deadline!

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  • At 7/26/08, 5:51 AM, Blogger marci lambert said…

    just a note: last month i didn't manually request my walgreen's rebates (i knew it would automatically go through). but even though i've been getting my rebates on a gift card with an extra 10%, this time the system decided to send me a check with no extra 10%. so make sure you manually submit!

  • At 7/26/08, 7:26 PM, Blogger Chief Family Officer said…

    Thanks, Marci - that's definitely good to know!


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