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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Drugstore Game Tip #2: Know your stores

My second tip for playing The Drugstore Game well is to know the employees at the stores you go to. It doesn't take long to learn which stores are coupon friendly, and which employees are supportive of your coupon use. I say "employees" because if you can, you should get to know the store managers as well.

I've found one Walgreens, one CVS, and one Rite Aid in my area that are coupon friendly and where the employees are super nice as well. They are my first choice stores, and I go there whenever I can. Maybe because LA is so big, or maybe because I don't go to each store every week, I've only really "bonded" with one Walgreens cashier. At the other stores, I seem to get a different cashier every time. But the Walgreens cashier immediately recognizes me when I walk in (with or without kids), knows that I will have coupons, and showers me with compliments on the great deals I get. If you have a favorite cashier, it can't hurt to share the wealth. The last time I went to Walgreens, I had coupons for a free bag of Corazonas chips. (Thanks to My Good Cents for the coupon link.) I used one coupon and gave one to the cashier, who mentioned that the chips were tasty.

I do hit the other stores in my area on occasion, when it's more convenient or when my preferred store is out of stock. I very rarely encounter any difficulties at the other stores, but I do feel they scrutinize my coupons more. It's just more comfortable shopping at the stores where I feel welcome.

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