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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Walgreens Update

So I discovered a problem with waiting for a $5 off $20 purchase coupon and planning ahead for it: stores run out of popular items. In retrospect, it seems obvious and I should have planned for it, but I was surprised yesterday evening when my favorite store was out of the Walgreens water pitcher filter. I even went to a different, bigger Walgreens and they were out, too.

I thought about substituting another Bioinfusion shampoo and Duracell batteries, but decided to try a third Walgreens today instead. I'll let you know if I get lucky.

I did make a purchase at the second Walgreens yesterday. I picked up two packages of plastic spoons and a package of plastic forks for 39 cents each. And I found the Walgreens "Children's Activity Book" that I've read about on various coupon sites, so I grabbed a copy of that as well. It was 99 cents and contains various Walgreens coupons for kid-related products like Johnson & Johnson, Band-Aids, and Huggies. The coupons don't expire until March 31, 2009, and some stores allow you to keep and re-use them since they are store "Instant Value Coupons" similar to the ones in the Easy Saver Rebate book. I should be able to recoup my 99 cents back and more between now and the end of March.

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  • At 8/23/08, 2:39 PM, Blogger Paula said…

    I completely understand. I was pretty disappointed when I say the $5 coupon because I had gone to 5, yes 5 of the same store you were just writing about on Thursday! I refused to give up on the deals I wanted and had to hit them all in order to do what I wanted to accomplish. To add to that they store had a problem with coupons, RR and computer problems at each one I went to that day. It was all so frustrating but I did get what I wanted but the coupon for this weekend went to waste because there was nothing else I really needed to get.

  • At 8/23/08, 8:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What I am planning to do differently next month to plan for the $5/20 coupon is not to use up all the rebates for the month ahead of time.

    Also, I felt that Walgreens must have been tacitly encouraging us to print out the coupon more than once because I printed it from the Wags email I received two times and I printed it from a coupon site. Yes--I used it three different times. The first time I mostly stocked up on 12 packs of Coke (3/11. This isn't a great price but I had a Coke coupon as well). The second time I bought an HP printer cartridge for 19.99 (had to throw in a small item to get it over $20). Walmart has it for the same price (not on sale) but in this case I got it for 14.99 which is a great deal.

    The third visit using my $5/20 was today and I just stocked up on lots of odds and ends that were 39 cents plus used some manufacturer's coupons on sale items such as Weight Watchers candy.

  • At 8/24/08, 11:14 AM, Anonymous Sara - pension comparison said…

    Go girls! Make the most of those coupons :+)


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