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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What is Twitter?

After my post yesterday announcing that I'm now on Twitter, Briana asked me to describe Twitter. I'll give it my best shot, and then I invite you to provide a better explanation, since I'm new at this and still learning the ropes.

Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging site. Users send updates, also known as "tweets," of up to 140 characters. You can "follow" someone on Twitter and get all of their updates, and you can block people from following you if you want to (to avoid stalkers, I suppose). There are more technical details that I'm not up on, but I know that there are multiple ways to send and receive tweets, for instance.

I've seen Twitter used to send updates on the most mundane activities, such as "Off to drop the kids off at school" and "Just had breakfast." And that might be interesting to my husband or my parents, but I doubt anyone else cares one whit.

I prefer using Twitter to send quick bites of info, such as an insightful but random thought or an interesting link. And that's why I intend to tweet only once or twice a day, about shopping deals, links and hopefully an occasional brilliant idea.

But the beauty of Twitter is that how you use it is entirely up to you.

One last thought about Twitter: if you're still not quite sure what it is or what it involves, but you already use a feed reader, subscribe to someone's RSS feed. I first figured out how Twitter works by subscribing to Parent Hacks and Just Bento and reading their tweets. If you're curious, you can subscribe to my Twitter feed here.

Now it's your turn: What's your take on Twitter?



  • At 8/12/08, 9:17 PM, Anonymous Briana said…

    Thank you! I've been signed up for awhile but didn't really know what I suppose to do! :) I even accidentially nudged someone...just don't do it in the middle of the night like another twitter told me they did! Apparently, you can link it to your cell phone and you will get a text.

    I've noticed a flood of activity in the money saving/couponing community! :)

  • At 8/13/08, 5:00 AM, Blogger Kacie said…

    I haven't been a member for long, but I really enjoy it! I like reading tweets from bloggers I've been following a long time to see what they're up to and what they're talking about.

    I can use Twitter to get rather basic questions answered in just a few minutes, and grow my readership.

    Too fun!

  • At 8/13/08, 6:02 AM, Blogger Mercedes said…

    To be honest I am still on the fence about Twitter. Sometimes it feels like high school and the sempiternal battle of who's the cool kid and who isn't. I am hanging on though, I want to give it a fair try.

  • At 8/13/08, 1:20 PM, Blogger Chief Family Officer said…

    @Briana - Oh, good to know, thanks!

    @Kacie - I hope I like it as much as you do :)

    @Mercedes - I will say that I think Twitter is a lot less like high school than say, MySpace. (I don't even have a Facebook account.) Give it a try and let us know how it goes for you!

  • At 8/15/08, 11:03 AM, Anonymous Carol said…

    I see Twitter as a virtual water cooler. Bits of chit-chat here and there throughout the day, a cool link, etc. My fellow wine bloggers and I also use it to point out pertinant wine news, interesting posts, and spark discussion. I love the community aspect of it.


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