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Sunday, October 26, 2008

CPSC advisory: Tagless labels can cause rashes

Update 10/31/08: Mercedes at Common Sense with Money reports that you can call Carters and they will send you a prepaid label so you can return your Fall 2007 tagless clothing for a full refund.

The CPSC issued an advisory on Friday stating that the tagless labels on Carter's brand clothing can cause rashes, although it says that the advisory only applies to Carter's Fall 2007 line and only to the type of labels in the picture to the left.

Supposedly, the type of tagless labels to the right don't cause rashes.

I first learned about the possible connection between rashes and tagless labels a few weeks ago on Z Recommends, but it wasn't until the advisory came out on Friday that it suddenly occurred to me that the red scratches on Tyler's upper back and shoulders might be related to the tagless Carter's pajamas he's been wearing for a couple of months now. (Before that, he wore one-piece pj's from Babystyle, but then he started wanting to be more like Alex and sit on the potty before bed time.) I don't know if the pj's are the cause of Tyler's scratches (they don't look like the picture linked to on ZRecs) but I've stopped putting Tyler in the pj's and we'll see what happens. The thing is, Alex wore these pajamas one or two years ago, but they didn't do anything to his skin. However, Tyler has much more sensitive skin than Alex does, so that alone isn't evidence that the pj's are innocent.

For more on the topic, read the Z Recs reaction to the CPSC advisory. Of course, keep in mind that their opinion may be different from yours and/or mine, but at least it's another take on the issue. And if your child has a weird skin thing going on near where the tag touches their body, stop using the clothing and see what happens.



  • At 10/29/08, 11:19 AM, Anonymous That One Caveman said…

    I never put two-and-two together on this, but I'm glad you pointed this out. My daughter had a red rash on her upper back for quite a while around the time we were using onesies with "offending" tags. We haven't seen that rash in a while, so I bet that's what happened. I guess we need to go back through our tubs of stored clothes and get rid of the bad ones.

  • At 10/31/08, 10:55 AM, Blogger Tara aka "Mama Koala" said…

    Thanks so much for the pictures and other links on this issue! I posted your link to try to help spread the word on this.

    Thank you for all you do!


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