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Friday, November 28, 2008's customer service

I've recommended in the past as an easy way to make a few bucks. In essence, you take their surveys, they give you points, and you redeem the points for prizes, including cash. (Read my original review.)

Recently, I was afraid I was going to have to retract my recommendation but fortunately things worked out just fine. In the last month, I've taken a couple of surveys that gave me an error message upon completion. Instead of taking me to the "thank you" page, the submit button gave me an error message saying that I should contact customer service if my points weren't credited. And sure enough, on both occasions, my points failed to appear in my account.

I used the contact form on the web site to email them and ask them to credit my points. The message after I submitted my request stated that someone would get back to me within a short time frame - I think it was 24 hours. But on both occasions, it was days before I got a response - long enough that I began to think MySurvey wasn't trustworthy. But after several days, I did eventually get a response. And fortunately, both responses were exactly what I wanted: a message stating my points had been credited.

So, while I think MySurvey should change the message that appears after the contact form is used, I'm happy to report that my recommendation still stands. They're not wasting my time by making me complete surveys and then not giving me credit for them. And they still send checks out in a timely fashion (although I do wish they'd offer payment by PayPal).

Another thing worth noting about MySurvey is that they occasionally send out products to be tested, and both of the products that I've received were just a newer, full-size version of things I would have bought anyway, so they actually saved me money.

If you'd like to sign up for MySurvey, please consider using my affiliate link - I'll get 150 bonus points if you do. Thank you!



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