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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Works for Me: Playmobil toys

This week, Works for Me Wednesday is all about The Toys Worth Buying.

My boys are very typical when it comes to toys: they love trucks. Especially garbage trucks and forklifts. You wouldn't believe the number of garbage trucks and forklifts that occupy my house right now (not to mention the number of other types of vehicles, but I'm going to focus on garbage trucks and forklifts).

We've found that not all trucks are made equal. The forks on this Bruder forklift broke rather quickly. As did the forks on these Tonka front-loading garbage trucks.

But this Playmobil forklift (pictured to the left) has withstood the boys' rough play without a problem. The other Playmobil toys we've received have also held up well. In fact, the only one I don't like is this pallet mover, simply because it and the crate both disassemble too easily for little hands that can't put them back together without help. And I know I'm not the only parent familiar with the refrain, "Fix this, please!"

What are your favorite toys for your kids?



  • At 11/5/08, 5:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The Little People house/castle/school/barn/etc. are great for many ages.

    I also like Wonder Colors for the car...camping...

  • At 11/5/08, 12:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Any sort of vehicle is popular in my house, particularly Hot Wheels. I really like the Stomp Rocket Jr. for all ages. Those little cheap army guys are also very popular, particularly in the bathtub. Why am I wasting money on other toys?

  • At 11/5/08, 5:33 PM, Blogger Clean ClutterFree Simple said…

    Playmobil rocks! Love it. I also love...Barbie (yes, yes, I do love the princess of pink:-), LEGOs, and Ravensburger puzzles.

  • At 11/11/08, 10:17 AM, Anonymous Kerri said…

    I like this. My 7yo used to be really into construction trucks, etc. Many of them did not survive for our 2yo to play with.


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