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Friday, December 26, 2008

Watch full episodes of the current season of NCIS for free

Ever since reruns of the CBS drama NCIS started airing on USA in the evening, I've been a huge fan. The show is on when I do the dishes and get on the treadmill, so I get to watch it several times a week. I rarely get to watch a full episode, but USA airs three episodes each weeknight, so I eventually get to see the parts that I missed.

The current sixth season of NCIS has a regular air time of 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday nights, and I always miss it because that's my blogging time. So I was delighted to discover that right now, full versions of all of the current season's NCIS episodes are up at the CBS web site.

But if you want to catch up, do it quickly. Just a week or so ago, only the most recent episode was available.

Image credit: NCIS Squadroom, which has a great episode guide - it's satisfied my burning curiosity more than once when I was dying to find out how one of those episodes ended.



  • At 12/27/08, 11:40 AM, Blogger Clean ClutterFree Simple said…

    We don't have cable so I watch what little TV I like on the Internet. It's frustrating though, that the networks keep shows up for so little time.

    I enjoyed the first season of Private Practice, but this year, I didn't have a chance to watch until a month or so into the season. Well, by then they'd taken down the first two episodes, so I didn't bother to watch.

    When will they learn???

  • At 12/27/08, 10:30 PM, Blogger tami said…

    i have been watching ncis on the web for a year now. it's fantastic isn't it?!

  • At 12/31/08, 7:21 PM, Blogger Chief Family Officer said…

    @CCS - That IS irritating! Don't they know not everyone has cable or a Tivo? (We have cable, but no Tivo. And I don't foresee one in the next few years either.)

    @Tami - I have to admit, I didn't want to watch NCIS at first b/c I was such a HUGE JAG fan and felt that NCIS was trying to take away from that show. But I was obviously foolish, since I really enjoy it now :)

  • At 1/4/09, 3:06 PM, Anonymous Student Scrooge said…

    Glad I saw this; I was disappointed when I didn't see it on Hulu. -I started watching NCIS when USA was running their marathon last week, and now I'm hooked.


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