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Monday, May 18, 2009

Cheap Huggies at Rite Aid & Ralphs (maybe all Kroger?)

I haven't been shopping much at Rite Aid lately, but Baby Cheapskate posted about a "stockupportunity" on Huggies mega packages there this week. The deal is pay $13.99 for a mega pack, and get a $2 Single Check Rebate (#35). There's also a $5 off $25 purchase printable coupon (pdf) that you can use. I bought one mega pack, one box of Bayer Quick Release Crystals (10 count) at $3.99 and 1 Alaway eye drops (10 ml) at $7.99.

Both the Bayer and Alaway are free after SCR (#32 and #31, respectively), and there are coupons out there for both. Some people have found $1 off Bayer tearpad coupons (at Walgreens for sure, maybe elsewhere as well), and there were printable coupons a few weeks ago (no longer available, as far as I could tell). And there was a $4 off Alaway coupon in the 3/15 SmartSource insert, which is also available at (I also saw $3 off blinkies at Rite Aid).

I didn't have the Bayer coupon, but I had the $4 Alaway coupon. I had intended to buy Pull Ups but the store I went to didn't have mega packs in Tyler's size. I bought diapers instead (we're still using both) and used a $1.50 coupon (there's one in today's paper). So I paid $15.47 plus $2.40 tax, and will get $11.98 $13.98 back. That makes my total $5.89 $3.89 for a mega pack, or 14.7 9.7 cents per size 5 diaper after tax - definitely a great deal. (And I have free aspirin and eye drops.)

Over at Ralphs, which is the Kroger affiliate out here, Pampers and Huggies jumbo packs are $9.77 (apparently they are $8.99 at Kroger). The available coupons that I know of are $1 off Pampers from the 5/3 P&G insert, $2 off Pampers diapers blinkies, $1.50 off Huggies diapers, and $2 and $3 off Huggies Pull Ups (the $2 coupon is in today's paper, the $3 one is from a few weeks back). Combine the paper coupons with electronic coupons from P&G eSaver and/or and/or and/or, and you could find yourself some pretty sweet deals.

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