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Friday, May 08, 2009

CVS in California: No ECB deals in May?

Last year, CVS acquired Longs Drugs, and apparently this is the month that they're converting Longs stores into CVS stores. There's a corner a few miles from my house where Longs and CVS have been across the street from each other for years, and I've been wondering if the Longs will simply close - but I haven't driven by that intersection to see what's happening.

What this means for local Drugstore Game players is that there are no new ECB deals this week - and possibly for the rest of May. There's some mention over at Slickdeals that Longs will start accepting ECBs on May 21, and perhaps the ECB deals will return around that date.

In the meantime, it appears the deals that have carried over from previous weeks are still working. For example, the Aveeno and Softsoap deals are still printing ECBs, and my receipt from a couple days ago lists the Nivea deal. (The Aveeno deal reportedly ends on 5/9, and the Softsoap deal on 5/30.) Slickdeals has a list of deals that may still be working.

Also, it appears that if you have a rain check for an item that gave ECBs, the cashiers can "force" the ECB to print when you redeem the rain check.

I have a bunch of ECBs that will expire next week (from when I used the $20 off $100 purchase coupon). The carry-over ECB deals are not on things that we will use, so I'm probably going to end up burning the ECBs on things we will use. Fortunately, some of the sale items this week are things we can use (like Kleenex and Glide floss, which is by far our preferred brand).

But I can't help but hope that CVS sees their California sales plummet in May so that the ECB program proves its value to them!

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  • At 5/8/09, 12:51 PM, Blogger Camille said…

    I noticed the exact same thing at our CVSs (in Vegas) this week! I went in twice because I thought I was wrong. What a pain because I, too, have ECBs expiring next week. I wish they would have said something so I could have rolled them earlier.

    Oh well, I'll make sure to use them up and start over in June.

    This means I can focus on the new program at Walgreens this month! :-)

  • At 5/9/09, 6:24 PM, Anonymous Lynn from Bay Area said…

    I am from Nor. Cal. and the change over became "clear" this week. Long's had a United rebates for 'spirits only' that runs March to the end of May. Maybe this is why?


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