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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Review & Giveaway: Smelly Washer

As you may recall, early last year, we bought a new HE washer. I still think it's a great machine, with a large capacity, and it does get clothes clean with a relatively small amount of detergent and water. Plus, the clothes come out less wet so they spend less time in the dryer.

The thing about a front-loading washer, though, is that there's a big rubber ring around the door area, and unless it's allowed to thoroughly dry, it gets musty. We've mostly gotten in the habit of leaving the door open after the last load of the day so the insides can air dry, but sometimes the door gets shut with some water still left inside. And I immediately know when that's happened, because I can smell it.

So when the folks over at Smelly Washer asked if I'd be interested in reviewing their washing machine cleaner, I said sure! Smelly Washer is a "the only available washing machine cleaner that will remove mold odor from any towel or clothing that has picked up bad mildew smell from the washer." It used to be known as Purewasher, but they changed the name and removed all scents or dyes to conform with all natural product standards.

Smelly Washer is just a white powder that you run through your washer according to the directions. The most important thing, of course, is that Smelly Washer delivers. The first time I used it, I followed the directions and ran it through an empty washer. Well, I forgot to go down at the end of the cycle to open the door so the washer could air dry. I left the door closed for a couple of days, and figured I'd have to run it again with Smelly Washer to see if the stuff really worked. But when I opened the door, there was no smell! I was genuinely impressed then.

Best of all, Smelly Washer wants to give one CFO reader the chance to win a free bottle! To enter this giveaway, simply fill out the form below. (If you're reading this in a feed aggregator or email, you may need to click through to the post to reach the form. If you're having trouble filling out the form, try going directly to the published form.)

For an additional entry, subscribe to CFO via RSS or email and fill out the form again to let me know you've done so. You'll get the latest on CFO delivered right to your favorite feed aggregator or inbox, so you don't miss any weekly giveaways. (If you're already a subscriber, just fill out the form to let me know.)

For a third entry, follow me on Twitter and tweet the following: Chief Family Officer is giving away a bottle of Smelly Washer: Then fill out the form to let me know you've done so.

For a fourth entry, blog about the giveaway on your own blog. Then let me know about it by filling out the form again.

You can enter up to four times (one for each type), and you must complete the form once per entry. Only one entry of each type per email address will be counted. I'll select the winner using and announce them here on CFO as well as contact them by email. The winner must respond within 48 hours, otherwise their prize will be forfeited and a new winner will be selected.

The giveaway ends at 6:00 p.m. PDT on Monday, August 24.

Good luck!

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  • At 8/19/09, 7:21 AM, Blogger Jen_nifer said…

    I hope this is open to Canadians. I would love to try this stuff!

  • At 8/19/09, 10:03 AM, Blogger Ink To Canvas said…

    The guy who installed my washer and dryer told me to wipe the inside of the gasket to get the pooled water when I was done with it for the day. I also wipe the "window" as well.


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