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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Big Swag Bucks News + Special Swag Code for New Members

Search & Win

Last July, I wrote about Swag Bucks for the first time, recommending them as a truly free and easy way to make money. Hundreds of dollars in Amazon gift cards later, I can say Swag Bucks is still a free and easy way to make money.

For the uninitiated, Swag Bucks is a "search & win" site. All you have to do is register, sign in, and use their search function. Each search is an opportunity to win random "Swag Bucks" in the amount of $1, $2, $3 or $5. On Mega Swag Bucks Fridays, you can win $10, $20, $50, and $100 Swag Bucks. Swag Bucks can be redeemed for a huge variety of prizes, but I recommend the $5 Amazon gift certificate - at 45 Swag Bucks, it's the biggest bang for your buck, so to speak, as long as you shop at Amazon anyway. (Even if you don't usually, you might consider saving up Amazon gift certificates to buy holiday presents, since Amazon usually has tremendous deals.)

The big Swag Bucks news of the day is that they are unveiling their new toolbar today. The new toolbar will maintain its functionality, but also includes quick links to all aspects of Swag Nation, and add-on's like games and email notifiers. You can log into your Swag account and track your Swag Bucks from the toolbar. To encourage all Swagsters to download the new toolbar, every day in September, there will be a special Swag Code exclusively through the toolbar (through the new messaging function), providing the opportunity to earn 30 free bucks this month. The only way to get these codes is by having the toolbar.

If you're new to Swag Bucks, today is a great day to join! Now through September 10, you can earn 5 free Swag Bucks just for registering - the standard sign-up bonus of three, plus an extra two Swag Bucks when you use my referral link and enter the code CFOswagcode (case sensitive). It took me about a month (without referrals) to earn my first Amazon gift certificate, but I didn't have the benefit of 30 free toolbar Swag Bucks. With the toolbar codes, you should earn that first prize quite quickly.

And as always, if you've used my referral link, thank you - I really appreciate it!



  • At 9/1/09, 12:05 PM, Blogger Together We Save said…

    I love swag bucks. I have 320. I am letting them build up for christmas.

  • At 9/1/09, 12:33 PM, Anonymous Jacob Jones said…

    I love swagbucks..

  • At 9/1/09, 6:27 PM, Blogger Cathy said…

    Cathy - I've "heard" about swagbucks for quite awhile now, but haven't completely known enough, or been motivated enough to do anything about it. Until TODAY - there were about 4 posts in my reader telling about this promo they have. When I saw you had it as well, I decided to go through you! WHY? First of all, you are one of my faves (and know how to spell your name!), and secondly, because you explained how it all works so well! SO - thank you! I'm trying to figure out what code I can give my readers so they get the extra 2 bucks... I've found my referral link, but if I can't find my code, I may email you with questions! :)

    Thanks Cathy!

    - Cathy (from Fabulessly Frugal!)


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