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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Morning Coffee: Another giveaway mulligan

When it rains, it pours. First, I made an error in the original In Balance Mattress Topper giveaway. Now, it looks like the Yoplait Whips! giveaway form got corrupted and has become inaccessible. So I've had to create a new form, which I've subbed into the giveaway post. I've also extended the deadline to a week from today, 9/12. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any way to retrieve the corrupted data. This means that if you've already entered the giveaway, you'll need to do so again. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any way to retrieve the corrupted data. You don't need to re-do anything (i.e., re-tweet or re-post) but you will need to re-submit your entries. I apologize for that, but I simply have no other way of knowing if you'd already entered the giveaway. Here's the new published form. Thanks for your understanding! (Hint to other bloggers who use Google Docs: Based on this forum, I think the corruption happened because I copied another spreadsheet.)

This is what it's like to live in LA sometimes: At the pediatrician's office yesterday, I walked in to find a very familiar face signing in. I immediately recognized him as an actor, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out what I'd recently seen him in. A little after we left the office, it hit me: it was the disgraced and fired music teacher from my new favorite show, Glee: Stephen Tobolowsky. He's way taller than I expected him to be in person. This is not a particularly unusual occurrence in LA. (I've seen Alanis Morrisette at the GAP and Holly Robinson Peete at Whole Foods, for example.) But it still always throws me for a bit of a loop.

There won't be any coupon inserts in tomorrow's paper because of the holiday weekend. I believe that with the LA Times, you can stop delivery and credit your account if you initiate the vacation stop by 12:30 p.m. the day before on their web site.

Nicole's Nickels has a list of coupons available in the October issue of Woman's Day. I think she updates the post throughout the month with coupons from other magazines as more issues come out.

And Discount Dallas lists more free-after-coupon items at Ralphs, although I don't know how helpful they'll be. I couldn't find the right sizes for the Marcal Small Steps or Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.



  • At 9/5/09, 10:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I remember you made a post before about your preference for Challenge butter. It is on sale at Food 4 Less (not somewhere I usually shop) this week for $2/lb (did not see this advertised). I had 2 $.50 Challenge coupons and also used 2 $.30 off CA milk product coupons. Even though the coupons don't double there, it was still a decent price for a great product, in my opinion. The location in Van Nuys (Sherman Way/Hayvenhurst) had a lot of it in stock.


  • At 9/5/09, 9:39 PM, Blogger Chief Family Officer said…

    @Chelsea - Thank you so much! It's so sweet of you to remember what I like, and I really appreciate the heads up. I think that's an excellent price for Challenge butter, so I will have to try to make it there (never been there, but kind of excited about it!). Thank you again!

  • At 9/8/09, 3:42 AM, Blogger Lynn said…

    I am reentering for the giveaway. I was in last time before the data corruption issue. Let me know if this is all I need to do at this point.

  • At 9/8/09, 5:13 AM, Blogger Chief Family Officer said…

    @Lynn - You need to head to the giveaway post and fill out the form again. Good luck!


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