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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Morning Coffee: A couple of recipes worth sharing

A few months ago, I went hunting for a homemade cereal bar recipe, and I came across one from Carrie's Cooking for Almost Nutri-Grain Bars. I've made them several times now and have been quite happy with them. They're pretty delicate, so they're nowhere near as portable as store-bought cereal bars. But I cut them into squares and pack them with the boys' lunches as their "dessert" - they're perfect for that. My trick for getting the top layer to cover as much area as possible is to take some of the dough and flatten it between two layers of plastic wrap. Then I peel off one side of plastic wrap, flip the dough onto the jam layer, and peel off the second sheet of plastic.

The other recipe I want to share is Mario Batali's Rotolo di Frittata con Tonno, or as he translates it, Tuna Omelet Roll. (Or, as Marc bluntly put it, egg with tuna.) I made a double batch, and served it warm for dinner and cold for lunch the next day. I really liked it, although there wasn't enough filling. Next time, I'll use three cans of tuna and an entire two ounce can of anchovies.

There's a money-maker deal on Joint Juice at the Safeway family of stores right now. I read about it at SlickDeals but didn't want to do three transactions at the store I was at due to time constraints and their unpredictable customer service. This example may help clarify the deal. Look for Joint Juice on the same shelf as the Gatorade and Propel. The Frugal Find also explains the deal (via Common Sense with Money).

Bargain Briana's Freebie Friday has a list of free samples, printable coupons and giveaways.

Does anyone shop at bookstores anymore? The selection at the Borders near our house gets worse with each visit. There is that convenience factor though. If you're going to Borders this weekend and are a Borders Rewards member, take along these coupons for $5 off list price of a hardcover fiction book, $5 off list price of a DVD, Blu-ray Disc or CD over $10, plus some others, since you never know what you'll find. The coupons are good through 9/28.

Above the Law has some awesome anecdotes of nightmare job interviews.

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