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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Changes to Amazon Marketplace: Charge When Ship

I've written before about selling used items on Amazon Marketplace, which I think of as my online garage sale. In a nutshell, I decide what items I want to sell and how much I want to sell them for, create a listing on Amazon, and wait for someone to purchase the item.

Recently, Amazon instituted the "Charge When Ship"system, which requires sellers to confirm shipment of orders before they can receive payment from Amazon. Amazon assumes the risk of nonpayment by the buyer, which creates security for the seller. At the same time, Amazon provides a better customer service experience for buyers, by creating an incentive for sellers to ship promptly and notifying buyers when their order has shipped.

There's a delay of a couple of hours between when you notify Amazon that you've shipped an item and when the payment appears in your account. Nothing else has changed, so you can request a disbursement once every 24 hours or wait until Amazon does it automatically for you.

Worth noting: Money Saving Mom recently wrote about selling books, and recommended a site called Cash4Books as an alternative to sites like and Amazon for certain books. Also, The Family CEO recommended selling on eBay, something I've stopped doing just because I don't think the money is worth the stress. But I can see definitely that for some people, and certain items, the income is worth the stress.

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  • At 11/3/09, 5:05 PM, Anonymous Oleg from OglieOglie said…

    Confirming each order on Amazon's site one by one can be time consuming. However, if you are an Amazon Pro Merchant, you can use a free program called Charge When Ship Made Easy - that will allow you to confirm all outstanding orders together with one click.

  • At 11/4/09, 8:57 PM, Blogger Chief Family Officer said…

    @Oleg - A Pro account is really for someone who's operating a business, not someone like me who's just periodically selling off excess clutter ...

  • At 12/9/09, 9:35 AM, Anonymous The Family CEO said…

    I just read all your Amazon articles and I loved them. I, too, enjoy selling on Amazon. The article I linked to was about another woman who sells on eBay and I will on occasion do that if Amazon isn't an option but I love the simplicity of Amazon.

  • At 1/25/10, 6:00 AM, Blogger noah said…

    You can use Paypal's shipping for Media Mail. Most of my books are $2.57 for Media Mail and that includes Delivery Confirmation. Saves me a run to the post office and my letter carrier picks them up if they fit in the mailbox.


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