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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Afternoon Coffee: Retailers are in for a shock

I was watching Good Morning America yesterday morning, and they did a story about retailers versus consumers: basically, retailers are waiting for consumers to start spending money, while consumers are waiting for retailers to offer better discounts. But there’s a flaw in this premise, which was actually illustrated during the story itself - the reporter asked a couple if they’d altered their budget based on the economy, and the husband said that they had actually cut quite a few people off their list. I suspect that most people aren’t waiting for steeper discounts, they’re simply spending less because they have less money. But for those who do have money, it could be good news. Personally, I’m going to wait for the after-Christmas sales. ;)

Neiman Marcus is offering a free gift card when you shop online and use the code BONUS: spend $200, get a $50 gift card; spend $500, get a $150 gift card; spend $1,000, get a $300 gift card. Expires 12/14. I don't know if you can stack promo codes at Neiman Marcus, but code HURRY will get you free expedited shipping.

Get 20% off a purchase of $100 or more at One Step Ahead with code SAVE20. I was a huge fan of their breathable crib bumpers when my kids were babies (read my review from 2005). Expires 12/14.

Printable Grocery Coupons and Deals has links to Finish dishwasher detergent coupons and Blue Dog Bakery coupons.

According to this Hot Coupon World thread, Merry Brite is a CVS brand, so you should be able to use the $2 off $10 CVS brand purchase coupon that is coming out of the scanners on the free-after-ECB items.

Bargain Briana has some links to magazine deals, like Family Fun for $3.89.


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