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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Morning Coffee: Got my Ralph Lauren towels from Neiman Marcus

A few weeks ago, I told you about the Ralph Lauren towel deal that Common Sense with Money blogged about. The deal is still going on, although I don't know if the free shipping code works. (Details here.) The confirmation email I received had an estimated delivery date of December 14, but they arrived earlier this week. I ordered bath sheets, and they seem longer than the bath sheets we already had, and are quite soft.

Download Katherine McPhee's new song "Had It All" for free. A friend of mine lives on the same street as her and has gotten to know her a little bit because they walk their dogs at the same time, and says she's super sweet. (Via The Bargain Jargon.)

Freebies 4 Mom has new codes for Huggies Enjoy the Ride.

Arby's has a new sweeps called the $5.01 giveaway to celebrate their $5.01 combos. The grand prize is $10,000, and there are a bunch of daily prizes as well.

I read news articles like this one about "sexting" by teenagers so I can be prepared for the tumultuous years ahead. But boy, they freak me out!

I thought it was old news that breastfeeding is good for a mom's health. I certainly knew that it reduces the risk of breast cancer. Now, researchers have discovered that it may reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome, which is a "cluster of risk factors" like high blood pressure and high triglycerides.

Bargaineering has some suggestions on how to use up money left in your Flexible Spending Account. I would add that you should check to see if your employer has set up a grace period, such that you can use the money during the first month or two or 2010. (This became permissible a few years ago, but employers must choose to allow the grace period. More information in this old article.)

Two of a Kind is giving away a Leap Frog Tag Jr. Ends 12/11.

My Money Blog reports that Fidelity has cut fees for the 529 plans it manages, and will be making changes to the age-based portfolios.

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  • At 12/5/09, 10:30 AM, Blogger Camille said…

    That was timely! I was planning to go out this week and get each kid another bath towel. I got them each one monogrammed! What a great Christmas gift! Thanks!

    The code "DECNM" will get you free shipping AND free gift wrapping!

  • At 12/6/09, 6:53 PM, Blogger Chief Family Officer said…

    Awesome, thanks Camille!


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