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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Borders Clearance Deals

Borders has had an after-Christmas clearance sale going on since, well, after Christmas. I had the previously-mentioned $10 off $30 purchase coupon, which is better than their usual coupons which often apply only to non-discounted items. At first, I thought I was going to leave without buying anything. But then I saw Hyper Dash,which had a 50% off sticker on it. I ended up with all of the following for $22.49, including tax:

2 Hyper Dash (regularly $28.99) - $7.25 each
1 Playmobil Dragon Rock (regularly $29.99) - $7.50
1 I Spy Puzzle regularly ($8.99) - $2.25
1 I Spy Silhouette Matching Game(regularly $16.99 - $4.25
1 Star Wars: The Clone Wars book(regularly $3.99) - $1.99

The clearance ended up being for 75% off, and the stickers just hadn't been updated. These items will make great birthday gifts throughout the year. (Well, except for the Star Wars book, which is for my Star Wars-obsessed boys.)

Note: If you're planning to hit Borders after reading this post, keep in mind that selection varies by store, and the $10 off $30 purchase coupon expires tomorrow.

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  • At 1/17/10, 2:45 PM, Anonymous Christy said…

    I wouldn't have thought to check out Borders for toys. We have Hyper Dash, and my kids love it. I am jealous of that Playmobil set, awesome deal! All 4 of my boys are Star Wars obsessed too. Thanks for sharing!

  • At 1/17/10, 3:02 PM, Blogger Gina @ MoneywiseMoms said…

    Great haul! I remember seeing Playmobil sets there in December, which was unusual but I suppose they brought them in for the holidays. I don't suppose my store will have anything left?! :)


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