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Monday, January 04, 2010

Walgreens Keeps Getting Better This Week

There are some sale and clearance items at Walgreens that can make for a nice moneymaker – keep your eyes open for Alka Seltzer at $2.99 and Bayer Rapid Release at $2.19. There were $1/1 coupons in yesterday's paper for both products, and a $1.50/1 in the 10/25 RP for the Rapid Release.

These products also qualify for the Buy 3 Bayer products, get a $6 Register Rewards deal. I plan to get one meter and two of the products (whatever I can find), use the up-to-$30-off meter coupon from the 10/25 RP, and $1/1 coupons.

The best scenario would be:

1 meter $14.99
2 Bayer Rapid Relase $2.19 each

Use meter coupon and two $1.50/1 coupons, pay $1.38 plus tax and get $11 in RRs ($5 for the meter and $6 for buying 3 qualifying products).

If you can only find Alka Seltzer (what I am expecting), the scenario would be:

1 meter $14.99
2 Alka Seltzer $2.99 each

Use meter coupon and two $1/1 coupons, pay $3.98 plus tax and get $11 in RRs. I have two meter coupons so I am hoping to do two of these scenarios, in whatever combinations I can manage. No matter what, it's a good money-maker!

Plus, you can get free Chips Ahoy by buying two small packs for 99 cents each – you'll get a $2 RR. Common Sense with Money has a few other deals, including a moneymaker on Glade candles and cheap Children's Tylenol. The Bargain Jargon has a different take on the Glade candles that works if you have at least two $2/1 coupons that were in Parade a while back. These deals should help you roll your RRs this week. Happy Shopping!

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