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Monday, February 01, 2010

Drugstore Game Padawan Update: This week's Walgreens deals

If you're just tuning in, I'm mentoring Nicole in The Drugstore Game. If you've always wanted to play but weren't sure how to get started, follow along with Nicole as she becomes a Drugstore Game Master. You can read all of the posts in this series here, in reverse chronological order. Please read my Drugstore Game Primer and Common Sense with Money's FAQ to get an overview of the Drugstore Game and definitions.

Nicole has a $1 Register Rewards and a $5 Register Rewards, which both expire tomorrow, so we've got to plan some transactions for her to use them wisely. She's expressed interest in the Blink eye drops, Vitamin Schtick lip care, and Zyrtec deals.

Individually, those deals work like this:

Vitamin Schtick Lip Care - Pay $1.99, Receive a $2 RR

Blink Tears Eye Drops - Pay $7.99, Receive an $8 RR

Zyrtec - Spend $30, Receive a $10 RR; advertised items include a 30-count package for $18.99 and Itchy Eye Drops for $12.99

There was a $2/1 Blink coupon in yesterday's Red Plum insert, and there's also a $1.50/1 printable coupon (registration required). Unfortunately, Nicole wasn't able to get any newspapers yesterday, so she doesn't have the $2 coupon. However, she should be able to print the $1.50 coupon. These transactions will help minimize her out of pocket for the week:

Transaction #1:
1 Salpicin Medicated Wipes $5.99
1 Vitamin Schtick Lip Care $1.99
1 Scotch mailer 39 cents with in-ad coupon (or other cheap filler)

- $1/1 Salpicin printable coupon (FF or IE)
- $5 RR + $1 RR

Pay: $1.37 + tax
Receive: $6 RR for Salpicin + $2 RR for Vitamin Schtick

Transaction #2:

1 Blink Tears $7.99
1 Scotch mailer 39 cents with in-ad coupon (or other cheap filler)

- $1.50 printable coupon
- $6 RR

Pay: 88 cents + tax
Receive: $8 RR

Transaction #3:
1 Zyrtec 30-count $18.99
1 Zyrtec drops $12.99
1 Scotch mailer 39 cents with in-ad coupon (or other cheap filler)

- $4/1 Zyrtec drops printable coupon (registration required)
- $2 RR + $8 RR

Pay: $18.37 + tax
Receive: $10 RR for buying more than $30 of Zyrtec

Summary: Pay $20.62 + tax for all of the above and have a $10 RR for next week (or more rolling this week)

There was a $2/1 Zyrtec-D coupon in the 12/6 RP. If the Zyrtec-D is included in the sale, that would reduce Nicole's out of pocket expense by another $2.

I'll have more Walgreens deals tomorrow, including an example of how to keep rolling your Register Rewards, and some starter deals if you're new to The Drugstore Game . . .

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