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Monday, February 22, 2010

Drugstore Game Padawan Update: Walgreens and CVS

If you're just tuning in, I'm mentoring Hayden in The Drugstore Game. If you've always wanted to play but weren't sure how to get started, follow along with Hayden as he becomes a Drugstore Game Master. You can read all of the posts in this series here, in reverse chronological order. Please read my Drugstore Game Primer and Common Sense with Money's FAQ to get an overview of the Drugstore Game and definitions.

If I recall correctly, Hayden doesn't have any Register Rewards to spend at Walgreens, but there's a nice moneymaker deal that's a low out of pocket this week. There's a 2 for $5 sale on Excedrin in this week's ad. The 20-count Excedrin Menstrual Cycle is included in the sale, and is giving back a $2 Register Reward. There is a $2/1 printable coupon, so the deal looks like this:

1 Excedrin Menstrual Cycle $2.50

- $2/1 printable coupon

Pay: 50 cents + tax
Receive: $2 RR

I found the Excedrin Menstrual Cycle with the rest of the painkillers, in the corner with the menstrual cramps relief products. The shelf wasn't tagged, but it rang up at $2.50 and produced the RR without a problem.

Hayden reported that he has a $3.50 ECB and a $2 ECB to spend at CVS this week. Here's what I wrote to him:
As for CVS:
If you have access to enough computers to print 5 of the $1.00 Colgate 360 ActiFlex manual toothbrush printable coupons, then you can do the following:

5 Colgate 360 ActiFlex toothbrushes $1.99 each
1 Kleenex 88 cents

- 5 x $1/1 Colgate toothbrushes
- $3.50 + $2 ECB

Pay: 33 cents + tax
Receive: $5 ECB for Colgate

There was a 75 cents/1 Colgate 360 toothbrush coupon in today's paper, but that makes the toothbrushes 24 cents instead of free.

Do you eat canned tuna? Here's a follow-up scenario:

5 Bumble Bee tuna 49 cents each
3 Kleenex 88 cents each
1 Colgate MaxFresh toothpaste

- $1/5 Bumble Bee printable coupon
- 50 cents/3 Kleenex from 1/3 SS
- 75 cents/1 MaxFresh from 2/21 SS
- $5 ECB

Pay: 83 cents + tax
Receive: $2 ECB

It's not my favorite scenario because you end up with only $2 ECB, but there aren't any moneymakers to help absorb the cost. If you can get a $/$$ coupon from the scanner or maybe via email, we'd have more to work with. Maybe you'll be luckier than me - I never get those coupons!
Note: If you can't or don't want to do the Colgate 360 toothbrush deal, you can just do the second scenario and pay 33 cents + tax out of pocket, and get back a $2 ECB.

There isn't much at RiteAid this week, but I'll post a scenario later of my transaction that didn't go quite the way I'd planned. Denise has expressed disappointment about the lack of RiteAid posts, and since I'm here to serve, I'll write about how to play The Drugstore Game at RiteAid this week. And I might as well write up similar guides for CVS and Walgreens too, so look for those soon too.

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  • At 2/22/10, 11:36 AM, Blogger Denise said…

    I honestly think its jealousy that I dont have a CVS! We had them in South Carolina but Utah does not. :( Thanks for your hard work though. You do rock! :)

  • At 2/22/10, 3:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Colgate MaxFresh 4.6-6 oz $2.99 get $2 EB Limit 1

    Mennen Speed Stick Stainguard $2.99 get $2 EB Limit 2

    are also good deals since both have coupons from recent newspapers and the toothpaste has a printable coupon from the same site where your toothbrush coupons are located
    these would generate more ECB and be closer to breaking even


  • At 2/22/10, 5:00 PM, Blogger Chief Family Officer said…

    @Kim - You're absolutely right, but the Kleenex was what Hayden wants this week ...

  • At 2/22/10, 6:06 PM, Blogger Saz said…

    The coupon for colgate is now 75cents now, not 1.00. Boo!


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