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Sunday, February 21, 2010

A few quick Drugstore Game updates

I just got home from doing some Drugstore Game shopping, and have a few quick updates:

Rite Aid
Lamisil AT - This deal was included in some ad previews, but isn't in our SoCal ad that I can see. However, it was on sale for the ad price of $7.99 at my store, and was tagged with the $6 SCR notice. So, I think it should work just fine here.

Dixie plates - This is another deal that was in some ad previews, but isn't in our SoCal ad. The deal is that they're on sale for $1.99, and there's $2/2 Dixie Video Values coupon. And the shelf was tagged at $1.99 for the lunch-size plates, which were all sold out. I hadn't scrutinized the ad, and bought a couple of packs of dinner-size plates, which rang up full price. Grrr.

Kleenex - Some ad previews had Kleenex on sale for 89 cents, but they don't seem to be on sale here.

Q-Tips - The Register Rewards deal I've read about on other sites is buy a pack at $2.99 and get a $1 RR. But at the store I was at today, they ring up at $1.99, with no RR.

Excedrin Menstrual Cycle - I can confirm that this deal is working locally right now. The 20-count box is included in the 2/$5 sale, although the shelf wasn't tagged, and generates a $2 RR.

More later . . .

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  • At 2/21/10, 12:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I didn't get the menstrual cycle, but I also didn't get the RR (for regular 20 ct Excedrin). My Tylenol also didn't spit out the $3 RR. But my local Walgreens has Right Guard on sale for $.75 right now, so that worked out well.

  • At 2/23/10, 5:38 AM, Blogger Chief Family Officer said…

    @MadMommy - Thanks for the heads up! I'm sorry you didn't get the Tylenol RR - you can call Catalina and they may send it to you. Try this contact form or this phone number: 1-888-322-3814. I believe the Excedrin RR is only for the Menstrual Cycle.


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