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Friday, February 26, 2010

A Little More About The New Shell/Ralphs Gas Discount Program

As I mentioned yesterday, Shell and Ralphs have teamed up to give discounts on Shell gas using Ralphs Rewards points. Shell seems to have teamed up with all Kroger stores, so if you shop at a different Kroger affiliate, go here for more information.

I haven’t tried this myself, but I’ve read the explanation at the Shell site. The basic idea is that you redeem 100 "Fuel Points" points for a 10 cent discount per gallon of gas, up to 35 gallons. Points earned in the current calendar quarter are available for use through the end of that quarter.

At the moment, I’m confused because the Shell site makes it seem like "Fuel Points" are distinct from Ralphs Rewards points, and that they’ll show up in the same spot on your receipt. You get 100 Fuel Points for every $100 you spend on groceries, for every two qualifying prescriptions you fill at Ralphs Pharmacies, and for every $50 spent on qualifying gift cards (I can’t seem to find more information about what "qualifies"). However, the Ralphs site makes it seem like Fuel Points and Rewards Points are the same. I’m guessing this will become clearer after I shop at Ralphs and see what’s on my receipt.

So stay tuned . . .



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