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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Morning Coffee: New Printable Coupons

Some of the coupons at have reset, so definitely check them out. There's also a 75 cents/1 Goldfish coupon that should make for a cheap snack when paired with a sale. Links via Escalate Media Affiliate Network

Get a sneak peek at tomorrow's Target ad.

Get a sneak peek at the short Walgreens ad for the sale starting tomorrow.

Couponing for 4 has details on a new Jewel promotion. (Via Common Sense with Money.)

Frugal Upstate has a from-scratch recipe for Cream of Chicken Soup.

Sweetnicks has a delicious-sounding recipe for Tuna Cakes, which is perfect for Lent as well as the cheap tuna you may have picked up at CVS this week.

Unclutterer has some suggestions for de-cluttering your cell phone. It was timely for me, because I just found a number and couldn't figure out who the heck it was for - the name didn't ring any kind of a bell.

This post is from last week, but even though the deals may be over, it's a great example of what you can do with coupons: Frugal Dr. Mom bought quite a bit of food for just $1.32 (no, that's not a typo).

I've been reading posts here and there on the frugal living blogs about using baking soda to wash hair instead of shampoo. I could never bring myself to do that (there's no way I'm risking another bout of alopecia areata), but I was curious because all of the posts were positive. But JANE4girls has had a different experience.

My Dollar Plan addresses the issue of whether you should use savings to pay off debt. It's interesting, because personal finance blogs talk so much about both, but I've always found that it's really all about striking a balance that feels right for you.

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  • At 2/27/10, 11:57 AM, Blogger Camille said…

    I used baking soda to wash my hair for about 5 months last year. It just did not work for me, but I have pretty oily hair. I could not go for a day without washing it without looking and feeling dirty and awful. :-)

  • At 2/27/10, 5:12 PM, Blogger Susan said…

    My hair stylist recommended using 1-2 tsp baking soda mixed with regular shampoo as an occasional "clarifying" shampoo. If you have product build up this combination is wonderful. Your hair and scalp will be super clean, though - no oil or anything else left on it - so I always follow this treatment with conditioner. The result is usually a good hair day!


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