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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Morning Coffee: The Truth Behind The Puffery

As a lawyer, I’ve been very amused by the new Domino’s commercial that criticizes Papa John’s tagline ("Better ingredients. Better pizza.") as admitted puffery – because one of the first things we learn in law school is that "puffery" is legal and the reason why companies can tout themselves as the "number one" or "best" anything. What’s particularly interesting about the new Domino’s commercial is that the lawsuit they refer to (in which Papa John’s said its slogan is puffery, not documented fact) actually involved Pizza Hut, not Domino’s. (Via Above the Law.)

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Moneywise Moms has suggestions on starting your own babysitting co-op.

Love & Olive Oil has a recipe for homemade Tagalongs (the Girl Scout cookie with peanut butter and chocolate).

Bargain Briana has some codes for free rentals at BlockBuster Express locations.

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Tia's Saving Cents shares a couple of deals at Target, $1 Nabisco Crackerfuls.

If you love the music of Glee, then visit Glee: The Music to listen to the songs for free. Most seem to be straight from the albums, but not all. (Via Couponing to Disney.)

The Bargain Jargon has some reader tips for doing Disney on a budget.

I meant to highlight these before Valentine's Day, but better late than never, since these would make great favors any time of the year: Life as Mom shows how to make wrapped chocolate bars.

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  • At 2/17/10, 11:42 AM, Blogger Camille said…

    I wondered about that commercial! I figured it was a real lawsuit since they bothered to go to the actual 5th circuit to shoot it. Funny! Kudos to Dominos for a brilliant campaign.

  • At 3/9/10, 9:25 PM, Blogger ERIC said…

    I thought it was interesting that at the end of the commercial the guy says dominos is better and that's a fact. According to my knowledge a fact is something that is universally true and dominos is basing their statement on surveys and statistics which only makes their statement an opinion and or puffery.


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