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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My (Disastrous) Rite Aid trip this week

I mentioned yesterday that my Rite Aid trip didn’t go the way I’d planned. Here’s what I was hoping for:

2 Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo Buy 1 at $4.29, Get 1 for 1 cent
2 Dixie plates $1.99 each
3 Kleenex 89 cents each
1 Lamisil AT $7.99
1 filler approx $2

- $5 off $20 purchase from Rite Aid Video Values
- 2 x $1/1 J&J baby products from 1/3 RP
- $1/1 J&J from RA VV
- $2/2 Dixie plates from RAVV
- 50 cents/3 Kleenex from 1/3 SS
- $1/3 Kleenex from RA VV
- $3/1 Lamisil AT from 12/13 SS

Pay: approx $6.45 + tax
Receive: $6 SCR for Lamisil

I checked the ad from Sunday's paper and saw that there was no Lamisil, but since I was going to be near Rite Aid anyway, I decided to check the store. And sure enough, the shelf was tagged with the sale price and SCR deal, so I decided to carry through with my transaction.

Only . . . the dinner size Dixie plates I got weren’t included in the sale. In fact, the Dixie plates aren’t anywhere in the SoCal ad that I can see. The lunch size plates were tagged at the sale price, but apparently those are the only ones on sale here. And . . . Kleenex wasn’t on sale. And . . . I forgot to print the J&J Video Values coupon.

So instead of having an almost free-after-SCR transaction, I ended up with this mess:

2 Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo Buy 1 at $4.29, Get 1 for 1 cent
2 Dixie plates $3.99 each
1 Lamisil AT $7.99
1 Cottonelle Fresh Wipes $2.49
1 Bounty napkins $2.29

- $5 off $20 purchase from Rite Aid Video Values
- 2 x $1/1 J&J baby products from 1/3 RP
- $2/2 Dixie plates from RAVV
- $3/1 Lamisil AT from 12/13 SS
- 50 cents/1 Cottonelle wipes from 1/17 SS

Paid: $12.55 + tax
Will receive: $6 SCR for Lamisil

Ugh. One thing about using coupons, especially one like a $5 off $20 purchase coupon, is that they complicate returns. Which are a big hassle. And considering what I got, a little over $8 after tax and SCR for all of that stuff isn’t so bad, since we’ll definitely use everything except the Lamisil (which is nice to have on hand, just in case). Plus, I could have saved myself a lot of trouble by going over the ad before I went shopping – I mean, I already knew the SoCal ad was different from the preview ad I saw, so I should have realized that there might be other differences as well and asked for a price check on the plates before I paid.

So now you know that even I screw up Drugstore Game deals ;)

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  • At 2/23/10, 10:49 AM, Blogger Tia said…

    I had a similar trip at Walgreen's a few weeks ago where I miscalculated and missed a $10 Register Reward by .38 and did not even notice until I had left the store! :-0 I was only really OOP $4 so I decided it was not worth a trip back but it is so frustrating when you realize it!

  • At 2/23/10, 12:02 PM, Anonymous Hildebrand, The Insurance Warden said…

    There's no blame on you for 'screwing up Drugstore Game deals.' I daresay that saving money with coupons is the exception and not the rule. I aver that most of the time they induce us to make less-than-optimal purchasing decisions.


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