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Monday, March 29, 2010

Ways to Make & Save Money #12: MySurvey

Updated May 19, 2011

You can read the rest of the Ways to Make & Save Money series here.

I've been a member of for a while now and I definitely recommend them as reputable and reliable. They seem to work mostly with major manufacturers and service providers, and I've received a couple of full-size products to test. They were the type of products I use anyway, so it was like getting something for free that I would have had to buy otherwise.

That's pretty rare, but I do find myself filling out surveys for them a few times a week. Most of the surveys are qualifiers, which ask some basic questions about me to see if I qualify for a survey. I must not be a desirable demographic, because I don't get many actual product surveys. However, given how often they ask me about diapers, they seem to need more mothers of children who wear disposable diapers and training pants.

What I like most about MySurvey is how legitimate they appear to be, and how reliable they are about payments. Their privacy policy is easy to find, and includes a promise to never sell members' personal information.

You earn points for each survey, and can redeem the points for prizes or cash payments. You need 1,100 points to request a $10 check, or 2,200 points for a $20 check or Paypal deposit. I've never had a problem with receiving payment from MySurvey.

The qualifier surveys give you 5 to 10 points, depending on length. Longer, product-specific surveys give you more points and depend upon the length of the survey. Without referral points, it does take a while to accumulate enough points for a payout, but I do suspect that I'm in a demographic that just doesn't get a lot of surveys and that others accumulate points a lot faster. On the rare occasion that my points didn't get credited properly, a quick email via their online contact form has gotten the problem resolved within a couple of days.

MySurvey emails you to let you know that there's a new survey available so you don't have to log in every day. As with all legitimate survey companies, MySurvey won't make you rich, but it's an easy and simple way to make a few extra bucks.

Disclosure: The link to MySurvey is an affiliate link that benefits CFO at no cost to you. Thank you if you join(ed) MySurvey through it! You can read the full CFO disclosure here.

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  • At 3/29/10, 4:37 PM, Anonymous zena said…

    I also LOVE mysurvey. I joined in July of '08, and I'd say i've brought in about $400. It doesn't seem like a lot, but I cash them in right before the always helps.


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