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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mattel Class Action Settlement for Lead Paint Violations

Remember all those Mattel toy recalls for lead paint violations back in 2007? Well, there was a class action lawsuit that came out of them, and the parties have reached a settlement – the web site is here. The settlement provides refunds to "Class Members" who bought or received the recalled toys, and reimbursement to parents and guardians who had their child tested for lead within 6 weeks after the recall announcements of the toy in question.

If you previously returned a recalled toy to Mattel in connection with one of the recalls and received a voucher or replacement parts, you don’t need to file a claim because you’ll automatically receive a check pursuant to the settlement.

But if you have one of the recalled toys and you didn’t contact Mattel at the time of the recall, you should file a claim if you want to receive compensation. The deadline to file a claim is May 29, 2010, and you can do so online here.

You can see a full list of the recalled toys here (pdf).

One thing to keep in mind about class action settlements is that they usually take a long time to reach disbursement. So even though you have to file your claim now, it could be a few years before you actually receive a check. The web site will probably be updated periodically so you can have some idea of where the case is in the settlement process.



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