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Monday, May 24, 2010

Morning Coffee: Too bad it's not THAT Iron Man

Yesterday morning, I came upon Common Sense with Money's explanation about how you can get free Ironman Muscle Rub or Spray at Walgreens. It's Ironman as in the Ironman Triathlon, but when I said something about it aloud, my boys jumped up and came running over - and it took me a moment to realize they were hoping for Iron Man the cartoon. I got a good laugh out of that :)

Some LA museums now offer free admission to active duty military and their families.

It was nice to learn that leaving the Artisan Bread dough out on the counter overnight just shortens its lifespan, but it's otherwise perfectly fine to use.

Bargain Briana has this week's Meijer and Kmart deals.

Common Sense with Money has this week's Walmart deals.


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