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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Morning Coffee: I wish I could understand Spanish

I've really enjoyed watching the World Cup, but I've mostly been watching it on ESPN. I have caught parts of replayed games on Univision, which apparently has way more colorful announcers than ESPN, so it's too bad my Spanish isn't good enough for me to understand them. An LA Times writer translated one of the calls as follows: "He kicked it with soul, life, heart, rancor, potency, energy, hope, faith and, in addition, his right leg!" The announcer was referring to an Argentina goal, and I'm guessing it was Tevez's second goal in their last game against Mexico (which really was a beauty).

Coupons Inc.There are some new coupons at again, including free Clorox bleach when you buy Clorox 2, and $2/1 Clorox 2 (sort by Household on the left to find them easily). Links via Logical Media

Organic Coupons & Deals posted about her Ralphs trip, which included cheap potato chips and free yogurt.

Baby Cheapskate tells you what to expect in terms of deals in July. Britax is supposed to unveil their updated line of car seats in August, but if I can find the Frontieron sale for 50% off, which apparently was possible last year, I'm snagging it!

Freebies 4 Mom has the scoop on free samples coupons for o.b. and Stayfree plus how to get a free Lilith 2010 CD.

Common Sense with Money has some current Walmart deals.

Tia's Saving Cents has this week's SoCal Albertsons deals.

Christian Clippers has the Vons and Stater Bros. deals.

There are new coupons at In addition to the usual (Multigrain Cheerios, Yoplait, etc.), there are a couple of cereal coupons I don't remember seeing before: 55 cents/1 Cocoa Puffs and 75 cents/1 Golden Grahams. Links via Escalate Media Affiliate Network

Final thought: How can the year be half over already?!

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  • At 7/1/10, 6:08 PM, Blogger Mercedes said…

    yes! you have to watch the world cup is Spanish to catch the passion of the game. It's like nothing else. I have been watching when Tali is taking naps and you should see me scream in silent mode, LOL



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