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Saturday, August 21, 2010

My CVS plans this week

The weekly deals and starter scenarios will post later this weekend, but I thought I’d share my plans for this coming week. My tissue stockpile is down to about a dozen boxes, which we could go through in just a couple of weeks if someone got a bad cold or allergies. And since CVS has a great P&G deal this coming week (buy $25 of participating products and get a $10 ECB), I’m going to try to track down 26 boxes of Puffs - hopefully in two transactions. The magic scanner box has been good to me, so with my coupons and the ECB deal, the price per box works out to less than 50 cents. Plus, since I have ECBs to roll, my out of pocket costs will be minimal as well.

Here’s what I’m hoping for, though my final transactions will depend on how many boxes I can find:

Transaction #1:
13 boxes Puffs, 99 cents each
1 Blink, $7.99

- $4 off $20 purchase coupon from scanner
- 4 x 25 cents/3 Puffs from 8/1 P&G
- $1/1 Blink from 8/15 RP
- $7 ECB
- $3 ECB
- $2.50 ECB
- $2 ECB

Pay: 36 cents + tax
Receive: $7.99 ECB for Blink

Transaction #2:
13 boxes Puffs, 99 cents each
1 Coppertone, $8.99

- $4 off $20 purchase coupon from scanner
- $5/1 Coppertone product from scanner
- $9.99 ECB

Pay: $2.87 + tax
Receive: $10 ECB for Puffs + $2 ECB for Coppertone

A few notes:
I don’t usually have so many ECBs at once, but I had a couple of transactions recently where the cashier didn’t scan things properly, so I ended up not being able to roll my ECBs properly and had to pay more out of pocket.

One of the nice things about CVS is that you don’t have to buy everything at once for a Buy $X, Get $Y ECB deal, the way you do at Walgreens. Hence, I am able to buy the Puffs in two separate transactions to maximize the $4/$20 coupons.

If I can't find 26 boxes of Puffs, I will hopefully find 16 boxes and then I can buy a package of Charmin at $9.99. It works out to 30 cents per double roll, which is the max I am willing to pay for toilet paper. I generally try to get closer to 25 cents as a stock-up price, but it's relatively rare and 30 cents is a good price.

We have gone through an incredible amount of sunscreen this summer - I guess this will be par for the course as the boys get older and spend more time outside. We didn't get the Coppertone insert coupon that was regional, so I missed a few deals. I was pretty happy to see the $5/1 coupon pop out of the scanner last week.

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