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Monday, August 02, 2010

Works for me: Seam Ripper

I had to sew a button back on last weekend, and I didn't have an exact color match on the thread. I did, however, have two spools that were close. So I picked the lighter color, which seemed to be the closest match, and sewed the button back on.

Um, apparently the colors weren't close enough. I stared at it, and then decided I'd have to try the darker color.

In the past, I've used a pair of scissors to remove buttons, but I'd sewed this one on really well. I was afraid I'd damage the shirt if I used scissors.

And then I remembered that I have a seam ripperfrom when I took a sewing class almost ten years ago. The only thing I learned in that class is that I can't sew, but at least something good came of it. The seam ripper worked like a charm, and since I have one and almost forgot about it, I thought there'd be a good chance that others who don't sew have never even heard of one.

The great thing is that seam rippers are really inexpensive. The one picturedis $2.38 at Amazon, and that's probably about how much I paid at the craft store for mine.

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  • At 8/2/10, 7:24 PM, Anonymous Erica said…

    Yes, that piece of plastic and metal looks cheap, but it works likes wonders! I recently took up sewing and I use that thing a lot!!!

  • At 8/4/10, 10:56 AM, Blogger Chief Family Officer said…

    @Erica - I know, it's almost bizarre that it works so well but it does!


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