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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Morning Coffee: Swagbucks + Coupons = More Swag Bucks

Search & WinSwag Bucks has still more ways to earn - and I'm really excited that they've become a partner. That means you can print coupons via and earn Swag Bucks when you redeem them. Find the coupons using the "Earn" tab at the top of the home page, and note that it will take up to 12 weeks after redemption for your account to be credited. I've always tried to print my coupons through MyPoints, and I'll still use them for SmartSource coupons, but I've switched my printing over to Swag Bucks now. Learn more about Swag Bucks here. Disclosure: If you join Swagbucks using my referral link, I'll get bonus Swag Bucks, so thank you if you do!

I'm seeing more reports that Ralphs stores are back to doubling one like coupon per transaction, although the super doubles coupon promotion goes through Thanksgiving.

If you're looking for ways to make money, check out these 233 suggestions.

Moms (and moms to be) can get a printable coupon for $10 off a $10 purchase at Hallmark.

Savings Lifestyle reports that Kroger stores have a new holiday gift card/fuel discount promotion, so I would expect to see this in our next Ralphs ad. I have to say, though, that even with the discount, Costco is considerably less expensive than Shell.

Here's a list of current restaurant gift card promotions.

LAUSD is proposing to move to a August-May school year for all schools and grade levels. The best reason I've heard is that teachers will have more time to teach the material covered by mandatory testing, and less time to "fill" after testing is done until the school year ends. It also makes sense for the older kids, who will be able to end their semester (and thus finals) before winter break.

CVS has recalled its green reusable bags due to elevated levels of lead. I Heart CVS has more info, including a photo of the bags.

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  • At 11/21/10, 11:52 AM, Blogger Camille said…

    The Vegas school district sent out a questionnaire to teacher's at the end of last school asking about changing to an August to May school year. The other reason is so that the breaks in the school year align more with the semesters. Right now the semester ends (and finals are given) the week after students return from Winter Break, which really makes no sense.

    But now I wonder if this is really a a national trend. It will be hard for us with our oldest on a Sept-June calendar in PA as she is with us for breaks and the summer. But other than that, it seems to make sense.

  • At 11/22/10, 10:31 AM, Anonymous Linda B said…

    I'm real excited about the Swag Bucks
    new coupon feature. It's the best of both worlds, earn Swag Bucks while using coupons to save money.

  • At 12/3/10, 12:31 PM, Anonymous Randall said…

    It means so much that you liked my 233 ways to save money enough to share it with fellow readers. Thank you and keep up the great work on CFO! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


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