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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Morning Coffee: Artisan Bread Doughnuts

The Artisan Bread in Five Minutes authors posted a recipe for artisan bread jelly doughnuts. I'm definitely going to try it, although I have to admit I'm much more likely to fill them with whipped cream or custard.

There are some new coupons at, including $2/1 Aleve 80+ ct, new candy coupons, and new pet coupons. Links via Escalate Media Network

Savings Lifestyle reports that you can get free Planters Grove Almonds at CVS.

Get a printable coupon for $10/1 Toy Story 3 DVD/Blu-ray combo (exp 12/18) or a printable coupon for $8/1 Cars Toon: Mater Tall Tales (both expire 12/18). I've yet to get Toy Story 3, so maybe I'll find a great deal with this coupon (I let the last one expire). (Via Common Sense with Money.)

Moneywise Moms reports that Coinstar has brought back the offer for a free $10 gift card when you turn in $40 or more of change. The last time this deal was offered, I actually got $40 in quarters from the bank to make sure I had enough change to get the bonus gift card :) Update: See Camille's comment with updated info regarding the Amazon gift card restrictions!

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