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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Morning Coffee: Ralphs match ups delayed

I usually don't get the Ralphs ad in Tuesday's mail if there's a holiday on Monday, but I wasn't expecting Thanksgiving to delay this week's ad. But it did, so this week's Ralphs match ups won't be up until later today; hopefully I'll have a chance to go through the online ad. In the meantime, check out Brian's comment to my last Ralphs post in which he suggests how to make the most of the current gift card promotion.

We recently got a Cisco-Valet Plus Wireless Router and I've been really happy with it. Set up was quite easy, and it's fabulous having wireless internet throughout the house, including the Wii now. It's not like I could have lived without internet access for a month, but right now, Amazon has the Valet Plus on sale for about $30 less than I paid for it at $78.71! And if you don't have Prime yet, you can do what I did and join Amazon Mom to get a free three-month Prime membership. Disclosure: I'm an Amazon affiliate, so any purchase you make after entering Amazon through a link on Chief Family Officer supports this site at no additional cost to you. Thank you!

PampersGet 100 points at Pampers Gifts to Grow with code LoveComesEarlyT. Links via

Sign up with Cuties Clementines to receive printable coupons (which will be sent via email soon). (Via Printable Coupons and Deals.)

Get a free Kindle download of the book The Judge Who Stole Christmas by Randy Singer. (Via Coupon Geek.) I read Kindle books on my Droid phone, but if you don't have a Kindle, you can check all of their free Kindle reading apps here. The free Star Wars books I downloaded were terrible, but I've quite enjoyed a couple of the free novels that I've read (The Heir and The Big 5-OH!), though I wouldn't say their worth paying for.

Get a free sample pack of Clorox wipes by registering for their mailing list.

All Financial Matters crunches the numbers to show just how much student loans can cost.

Banner via Escalate Media Network

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