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Monday, December 06, 2010

Quick Ralphs update

I just got back from Ralphs, where the Mott's Medleys were not tagged for the Mega Sale - bummer! On the bright side of things, though, they were really well-stocked, even with the free-after-coupon Krusteaz cookies.

Mega sales usually last two weeks, so maybe next week's sale will be a little better. The included items generally are the same, but prices fluctuate on at least some of the items.



  • At 12/6/10, 3:54 PM, Blogger sburiel said…

    Unbelievably I was able to get 28 boxes of the Krusteaz cookie mix. I also got 12 pouches of Bumble Bee tuna (that was all they had). I plan on donating a lot of the cookie mix to the local food pantry. Thanks for your posts on shopping at Ralph's!

  • At 12/7/10, 6:40 AM, Blogger Chief Family Officer said…

    @sburiel - Wow! The food pantry is very lucky!


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