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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ralphs: 12/15 - 12/25/10

Note: This summary of deals is based on the ad I get in Los Angeles, where Ralphs stores double coupons up to $1 (one like coupon per transaction). I don't list all of the deals, only the good ones. If I missed any, please let us all know in the comments. You'll need a Ralphs Rewards card to get most of these deals, so I use the Rewards card price in this post and assume you have your card scanned with each transaction. In addition to the coupons listed, you can also add electronic coupons to your Ralphs Rewards card at these sites:,, Softcoin and Upromise. I find the electronic coupons to be unreliable when it comes to stacking them with paper coupons, so I assume they do not stack in the scenarios below. I don't print every coupon listed, so please verify amounts and quantities listed. If you give Ralphs your email address, they may also send you emails with e-coupons that are exclusive to your card. And if you bring reuseable bags, Ralphs will give you 5 Rewards points for each bag used (though you may need to remind the cashier).

At least some stores in LA County are still doubling multiple like coupons, including my own store. But until this seems to be a permanent state of affairs, I'm going to assume that only one like coupon will double per transaction. Note that this week's ad goes through Christmas. And since I'm feeling under the weather, I'm just going to highlight the very best deals in the ad. If you see something in the ad that I haven't mentioned and you want to know if there's a coupon for it, I recommend Coupon Mom's database for checking newspaper insert coupons and Bargain Briana's database for all other coupons, including printables.

Cuties Tangerines 5 lb box $3.88
$0.55/1 Cuties Clementines 5 lb. box 12/5 SS

Birds-Eye Steamfresh or C&W Vegetables $0.99 (limit 4)
$0.50/1 Birds Eye Steamfresh or Freshlike Facebook printable
$0.35/1 Birds eye Steamfresh 12/12 SS
$1/3 Birds Eye C&W Vegetables (excluding Steamfresh)
As low as FREE

Eggo Waffles $0.99 (limit 4)
$1/2 Eggo products printable (registration required)
$0.49 each WYB 2

Nabisco Snack Crackers $1.77
$1/1 Nabisco Crackers 11/14 SS
$1/1 Nabisco Ritz Munchables Pretzel Thins 8/29 SS
$1/2 Nabisco Crackers printable (registration required)
$1/2 Nabisco Cracker Products printable (FF or IE)
As low as $0.77

Duracell Coppertop Batteries $1.99
$1.50/1 Duracell Coppertop 11/14 RP1 or 12/12 RP

Crisco Vegetable Oil $2.50
$0.55/1 Crisco Product printable (registration required)

Cool Whip $1.50
$1/2 Cool Whip printable (registration required)
$1 each WYB 2

Philadelphia Cream Cheese $1.50
$1/2 Philadelphia Cream Cheese printable (registration required)
$1 each WYB 2

Robert Mondavi Private Selection $6.99
$1.50/1 Robert Mondavi Private Selection 11/14 RP2

Blackstone Wine $6.99
$1.50/1 Blackstone Wine 11/14 RP2

Bacardi Rum $9.99
$2/1 Bacardi, et al. 11/14 RP2 (exp 12/15) or 12/5 RP
$5/2 Bacardi, et al. 11/14 RP2 (exp 12/15) or 12/5 RP
As low as $7.49 each wyb 2

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum $13.99
$5/2 Captain Morgan, et al. 11/14 RP1 or 12/12 RP
$11.49 each WYB 2

Whole Lobster Tails, 5 oz $6.99 each

Lobster Tails, 8 oz $9.99 each

Wild Caught Colossal Shrimp $7.99/lb

Farmer John Full Half Ham $0.88/lb with $25 purchase (limit 1)

Red Globe Grapes $0.99/lb

Granny Smith or Rome Apples $0.99/lb

Navel Oranges $0.99/lb

Yams or Russet Potatoes $0.69/lb

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  • At 12/15/10, 2:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ralph Gift Card 4xValue Promotion

    Is the promotion still ongoing at Ralphs?

  • At 12/15/10, 7:10 PM, Blogger Chief Family Officer said…

    @Anon - I'm pretty sure it ended yesterday, 12/14. :(

  • At 12/15/10, 7:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Can anyone offer which locations are still doing double coupons? My local ones have stopped (Northridge, Granada Hills, CA)

  • At 12/16/10, 6:50 AM, Blogger Chief Family Officer said…

    @Anon - The regular coupon policy should still be in effect at all stores, i.e., one like coupon per transaction is doubled up to $1. It just seems some stores are doubling more than one like coupon per transaction.

  • At 12/16/10, 8:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oh, I see! I was hoping that they were still doubling the coupons that were over $1 in value. Thank you for all of your hard work in the Ralphs matchups! Your site helps me a lot!

  • At 12/16/10, 9:14 AM, Blogger Chief Family Officer said…

    @Anon - I know, I miss super doubles too! I really hope they bring it back. Maybe they'll notice that I went five days in a row during super doubles and have only gone twice since, lol. I'm glad you find this site useful, and would love to know if there are other features you'd like to see here.


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