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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Morning Coffee: Shopping Day today

My allergies are still bad so I may not feel like driving much today, but I'm optimistic that I can spend the day running errands and doing a bit of shopping. It's a good day for it, since we are eating dinner out, the house is relatively clean, and there's no laundry that needs to be done. I want to hit Walgreens for the cheap trash bags, Toys R Us for the cheap snacks, Staples to pick up my free Coffee-mate, Borders for a toy using the 33% off coupon, CVS to use my raincheck on cheap Diet Mountain Dew, Pavilions for organic milk (it's the cheapest in town at $5.49/gallon), and also possibly the mall and Ralphs. Okay, maybe not the mall and Ralphs.

Amazon's Video Game Deal of the Day is Disney's Phineas and Ferb for Nintendo DS for $12.99. It gets 4 out of 5 stars in 11 reviews. Disclosure: I'm an Amazon affiliate, so any purchase you make after entering Amazon through a link on Chief Family Officer supports this site at no additional cost to you. Thank you!

Amazon also has classic pearl earrings on sale starting at just $9.

Groupon has brought back the Bath & Body Works voucher, so pay $10 for a $20 voucher or $15 for a $30 voucher. This deal is in Los Angeles, as well as other cities, but since it's an online deal, you can purchase it regardless of where you live - just click on the city name at the top of the page to change your location. You can also get a $10 credit when someone signs up using your referral link and makes their first purchase (thank you if you join(ed) Groupon using my referral link!). Don't forget to shop through Ebates to get back 3% of your purchase.

Get 42 points (yes, 42 - not 40 or any other round number) at Pampers Gifts to Grow with code VMF776C7HMXXT4A.

Get the March and April issues of Family Circle free from ValueMags. (Via Freebies 4 Mom.)

SnapilyCreate a free Snapily account and receive $3 in free credit. Snapily turns your photos into 3D and animated cards for a cool effect. Links via

Tia's Saving Cents has this week's SoCal and Nevada Albertsons match ups.

Christian Clippers has this week's Stater Bros. match ups.

Sam's Club members can get a free sample of Bayer aspirin. (Via Free Stuff 4 Free.)

Ian's has recalled selected lots of Wheat Free, Gluten Free Mac and No Cheese and Wheat Free, Gluten Free French Bread Pizza for possible listeria contamination.

Freebies 4 Mom discusses the security features of printable coupons.

Banner via Escalate Media Network

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  • At 1/27/11, 3:41 PM, Blogger sburiel said…

    I would love to see posts of your shopping trips, if you ever have the inclination. :)

  • At 1/28/11, 9:54 PM, Anonymous Kristin said…

    I think I read somewhere on here that you were aware you could also purchase your Groupon/Living Social deals and other daily deals through Swagbucks and get a lot of Swagbucks for your purchase. I had to e-mail SB b/c I'm not sure how long they take to show up, but I went through SB yesterday to buy my Groupon Bath and Body Works because I think the amount of SBs you get is a little more than the cash you'd get in Ebates if you use your bucks to buy Amazon gift cards. I hope that makes sense. Anyway my point was that (I KNOW you know this but I've been sick so I can't remember if I read it here)you can almost do better buying daily deals through Swagbucks than cash back sites. I love cash back sites but I messed up once and went thru Shop at Home and only made 52 cents when I would have gotten a lot more Swagbucks that would have almost equaled a $5 Amazon gift card.

    I promise i'm not just babbling, I just can't articulate what I'm trying to say and not quite sure when to shut up :)) Darn cold meds!


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