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Monday, March 28, 2011

Save money & stress by having a "go-to" store

The flu knocked me completely out of commission first thing Friday morning, so I missed out on some great moneymaking deals at Walgreens, as well as some other deals I was hoping to get before the end of the week. I'm disappointed, but I'll get over it, and I'm grateful that we're in a good place financially so that missing a few deals and eating out a lot (the rest of the family, not me) doesn't break our budget.

By this morning, we'd come to the point where we'd run out of a lot of perishable staples, so a grocery trip was in order. I'm feeling better, but not up to my usual round of two or three different stores to get the lowest prices on everything.

At times like this, it's good to have a "go-to" store that maybe doesn't have the lowest price, but has a pretty low every-day price. For me, that store is Trader Joe's, because they carry a lot of hormone and antibiotic free meat and dairy, and their every-day price on almost everything is low enough. I picked up enough groceries to last us for the week, although I'm hoping I'll feel well enough tomorrow to hit Ralphs and Vons before their current sales end.

Unfortunately, Trader Joe's isn't ubiquitous and not everyone has access to one. But Aldi is apparently owned by the same company, and like TJ's, has low every-day prices. I would recommend Target as a go-to store, if the one near you has an expanded grocery section - it seems like all the Targets near us have gotten the expansion, but I don't know if that's a national or local trend.

Do you have a go-to store?


  • At 3/29/11, 10:28 AM, Blogger Rebecca said…

    We have a Food for Less (Kroger affiliate) right around the corner from us, and that has become my go-to store due to its closeness. They have good prices on produce and cheaper prices than Ralphs on Kroger generic items.

  • At 3/29/11, 3:19 PM, Anonymous 20 and Engaged said…

    Our go-to store was Target when we lived around the corner from it. It had everything we needed for a great price. Since we moved, it's now Albertsons.

  • At 3/29/11, 4:38 PM, Blogger Heidi said…

    Mine has been Vons (because of proximity, NOT price!) but now that our Target has food, I'm thinking maybe I should switch.

    I also have a Food 4 Less near enough, and it seems like their prices are the best. Don't know anyone who does match-ups for them, though. (Hmm, untapped niche?) :)

  • At 3/29/11, 5:05 PM, Blogger Chief Family Officer said…

    @Rebecca - F4L sounds like a great choice, as it's definitely cheaper than Ralphs. Although if you're local, you might consider a lower-end market like Vallarta or Jons too.

    @20andEngaged - I think it's fabulous that your Albertsons' everyday prices are low enough to be your go-to store. None of the "regular" markets around here are cheap enough for me!

    @Heidi - I would definitely switch, Vons' everyday prices are *not* low enough!

  • At 3/30/11, 7:29 PM, Blogger Chief Family Officer said…

    @Heidi - Money Saving Mom used to have F4L match ups, but they've stopped in the last few weeks. I was going through my feeds and just noticed that there's a list at A Full Cup though: It should be a weekly thing in the F4L forum there. Hope that helps!


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