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Sunday, May 29, 2011

CVS Starter Scenarios: 5/29 - 6/4/11

You'll find a list of this week's CVS deals here.

If you're new to The Drugstore Game, these new starter transactions will help you get your feet wet and show you how The Drugstore Game can save you money on things you already buy. If you don't understand the transactions, read my Drugstore Game Primer, Common Sense with Money's FAQ (which has a handy explanation of acronyms), and my explanation of How to Play The Drugstore Game at CVS.

Be sure to sign up for a free CVS Extra Care card - you'll need it for the following deals (get it in store instead of online so they give you the card right away). You may also want to pick up a CVS green bag tag to earn ECBs for using reusable bags.

Transaction #1:
1 Preparation H Wipes, 10 ct - $3.99
2 Mars Chocolate Singles, 1.08 - 2.15 oz - $0.50 each

$2/1 Preparation H printable

Pay: $2.99 + tax
Receive: $2 ECB for Preparation H + $1 ECB for Mars

Transaction #2:
1 Neutrogena sunscreen - $7.88

$2/1 Neutrogena Suncare Product printable
$2 + $1 ECB from previous transaction

Pay: $2.88 + tax

In sum, you've spent $5.87 for Neutrogena sunscreen, 2 candy bars, and Preparation H. You'd pay more than that just for the sunscreen at Target. This is a good example of how buying something you don't need like the Preparation H can help you save money on other things you do - you "make" $2 on Preparation H, which you then use to buy the sunscreen for less.

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