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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Morning Coffee: Rescuing a broken emulsion

I've made various versions of Zankou Chicken's fabulous garlic spread, but when I made it yesterday, the emulsion of oil and lemon juice broke! I found only suggestions for fixing an emulsion for mayo (add another egg yolk), but not for other emulsions. I was desperate (and couldn't bring myself to start over again), so I added some cannellini beans to the blender and got a nicely textured spread that tasted like the garlic-lemon flavor I was going for, just with extra protein. Whew!

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Through May 25, text the word DEALS to 727272 every day for a new RedBox promo code that will be valid that day only. Standard text rates apply and the discounts vary so it's probably not worth doing this promo if you pay per text message.

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  • At 5/17/11, 6:32 AM, Anonymous Jennifer B said…

    I don't know what Zankou Chicken's fabulous garlic spread is, but it sounds delicious! Can you point me to/share a recipe for it?

  • At 5/17/11, 11:04 AM, Blogger Chief Family Officer said…

    Jennifer - I have a post just for you coming this afternoon!


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